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Our real time data outperforms other data platforms and we have the data to prove it.

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77% of marketers don't believe they have 

The BAM™ attribution platform.

A marketing technology company. 

We equip key stakeholder executives in making informed decisions that increase brand performance, minimize waste and drive better marketing results.

Founded in 2015 we are a leading marketing technology and advisory company. Fuelled by our proprietary BAM™ attribution platform that can be customized to monitor brand marketing performance and capture indispensable insights needed to give brands the advantages they need to drive growth. 

We're a unique blend of science and creative thinkers that includes statisticians, data scientists, data architects, ETL developers, business intelligence developers, media architects, brand & creative experts leveraging an integrated enterprise data warehouse of brand and performance measurement frameworks.

Our proven patented data attribution platform can increase efficiencies while eliminating waste, drive share of market with better portfolio analytics and improve brand salience attraction, giving you the insights to turn what is happening in culture into positive brand salience growth. 

We developed a patented, proven data attribution platform that can help any marketing or in-house team see a 30+% increase in marketing ROI. We equip key stakeholder executives with the insights to dramatically increase brand effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing waste to drive better marketing results. 

Patent US10977670B2 was granted on April 12, 2021 for the BAM™. 

BAM™ is the only attribution platform in the world that can seamlessly and automatically use both paid and earned media to create a single score that helps identify and eradicate media waste.

And the basic science of sentiment and saliency provides significant feedback to optimize how prominent and meaningful your brand is at any given time. 

So, we can now help marketers, AORs and Media Companies maximize ROI at the 95% confidence level. 

A far cry from 50% of past share of voice promises. 

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See who is on top of the top marketing categories for free.

Wondering which travel website has had the most success throughout the pandemic?

Or how important website presence is for the beer category?

Is Mercedes on top or is it Lexus in the luxury automobile race?

BAM™ is the only brand attribution platform collecting billions of data points from paid, earned and owned media. 

Now marketers can see how they stack up against the marketplace.

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