An organization that merges data, technology & creativity to build a brand’s mass attraction.

The problem we set out to solve:

A need for renewable growth in a new marketing economy that is out of sync with how people actually engage the world.

Our solution:

We created proprietary technology and methodologies to reconnect brands to people.

We align to the way people behave with content that is meaningful to them. Our focus is on what people are doing with the content we create, not what they might do. This in turn connects brands to people in a more meaningful, measurable way.

Mass Minority is a new way of marketing in a new world.

In order to make brands more popular, we treat brands like media products that need to be designed, editorialized and socialized in the real world. We do this by using a proprietary tool called the BPM (Brand Popularity Monitor). This tool informs our content distribution by right-sizing paid exposure and earned influence.

What is brand Popularity?

Brand Popularity is the proper formula of exposure & influence working together to drive results.

Many brands are overpaying for exposure but have little influence to show for it. We create well designed, contextually relevant content that gets socialized into the market place in the most relevant forms possible. Everything we do is informed by data intelligence and is engineered to bring brands closer to the Popularity that drives sales

Why it matters.

Brands can no longer afford to buy share of market, paid advertising dollars have lost impact in a marketplace that requires brands to build value differently. Brands today must earn their way in a marketplace where buying share is getting more expensive yet less effective. We help brands earn their share.

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